Monday, November 10, 2008

Today I am thankful for...

What I am thankful for...

***I work with a great group of people {except the compulsive liar}.

***An even working with the compulsive liar adds fun to our work envirnoment because... yes, we make fun of him but seriously... he is telling everyone that he is planning a UFC fight in the desert. At first it was going to be in Nov. but now it is moved to Dec. I am sure it will soon be postponed to Jan. and so on. Did I mention he was chased through the jungle by communist and held a knife to some guy for insulting his "mama"? Oh there is more... much more and we laugh every day at him. This might be wrong but the guy had no clue the difference between truth and lies. My father said he was like a piece of cheese sliding off a cracker! {that makes me laugh}.

***Speaking of my father... he is currently in China and I got an email from him today. He is happy there and doing good. That is good news! But I miss him!!!!

***My patience. I helped one of my co-workers students. She is 75 years old and going back to school. I spent 2 hours on the phone with her teaching her how to right click a mouse (that confused her to the left clicking), how to copy and paste, and how to save documents to Microsoft word.

***I worked out HARD! with Natalie and Cliff. Cliff is our awesome trainer! Even though I gave him a few dirty looks... he knows how much I appreciate him! He seriously ROCKS!!!

***I came home and finished putting my last chair together. My table and chairs are complete. Now I just need to put the buffet together but that will come tomorrow {maybe}.

***I finished my first week of school. I had a mental breakdown on Friday night because I felt completely intimidated by the other classmates. They seem to be more "formal" in their writing than I am. Plus I want to constantly crack a joke. I was not sure if I would be able to complete this program or even if I chose the right one... but I know I did because I realize the only way I will learn is to take the courses. So when I am done... I will be smart in the business world!

That my friends are some of the reasons I am thankful today.

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