Thursday, November 06, 2008

Being positive

Being that my last few posts have seemed so negative, thought I would throw some positive stuff out there!

So what is positive? Last night I was talking with Faith on the phone. Little quick backgroud: Before I left for Italy I told her I would take her out for an afternoon to celebrate her birthday (yes, I am late but we have all been busy). Anwyas... I told her we needed to do that soon as in this weekend and she agreed. She wants to bring little Faith (the soon to be step sister and yes, they are both named Faith!) so I told her that was fine (little Faith is 6 and I think they both need other nicknames besides big Faith and little Faith!) ANYWAYS.... We'll be headed out to lunch, As You Wish, and Borders on Sunday in celebration of her birthday. So you are wondering what the positive part is? Grab your kleenex because it was quite tender. When I hung up the phone I told her I loved her. Now, I always do this and usually get a reply back but it is more a jumbled "love you too". Last night though, it was a full "I Love You too". That people is worth everything! I just had to share because I honestly love those girls as if they were my own and would do anything in the world for them (I know you all know this!). They are incredible girls and pretty much, my mission is to make sure they grow up to live healthy, balanced, successful lives. I am so looking forward to this weekend!

For those of you wondering about Morgan... I took her to the Kristi Yamaguchi/Jonas Brothers family night a few weeks ago (will post pic's and an update soon). That was her birthday present. I think it is cute Faith asked me if little Faith could go. I am really glad they get along. Of course Morgan being the "big" sister... well, we know how that is. I am glad we get our own time together, I think it really is beneficial for Morgan to get away on her own and Faith too (if she wants). Of course I love having them both together.

Have a Happy Thursday!

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angieinpink said...

i'm all about these jenn-posts galore! it's fun to see ya, even if it's not really in person.

fyi: you're so stinkin' pretty. like that little picture that pops up when you make a comment...i'm all: "jenns so pretty." that's all.

have a good [hopefully not so stressed] night. take it easy: that's an order.