Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3.8 GPA

So I did it.
First, let me explain back in the day {high school/community college} I was an average B, C student. I even got a D at Scottsdale Community College. So when I decided to go back to school in Nov. 05 to get a bachelor's degree I was terrified. I figured as long as I did the B, C thing... I'd still get my degree. {Think about it... do you honestly walk into your Dr's office and ask what his/her GPA was? I think I am going to start! ha}
Well, when I went back to school, I got some A's and then some more. A few B's (2 b's and 1 b-) along the way. Toward the end of my degree I realized that if I continued getting A's by the time I graduated I would have a 3.8 GPA. ME!!! The B, C student from back in the day.
So my LAST class (which I just finished tonight) was math. Do you realize I {thought} I HATE math! How was I going to pass this class with an A? I needed the A to bring my 3.79 up to a 3.8.
Well- I DID IT!!! Tonight I took my final exam. I could lose about 6 pts and still pass with an A. I aced the final- Finished the class with a 98% and finished my degree with a 3.8 GPA.
I am officially finished with school {except when I go back to get my master's}. I am going to take about a 4 month break. Focus on a few thing for "me". I'm going to Alaska in June to see my dad {my mom is coming too} and then Italy in Sept. Yep- flights are booked! So when I get back from Itlay, it will be time to start my masters. Alright peeps- thanks for listening! Happy end of school!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I finally graduated!
The best part of it was my dad flew in and surprised me.
I had absolutely no clue he was coming.
When I was looking for my mom {and fam} in the stands,
I noticed my mom pointing to someone and it was my DAD!
I started crying... I swear I am too emotional.

Here is my father and I after the ceremony~

My mom and I~
Morgan and I~

finally, Faith and I~

After the ceremony... there as the "annual" hunting bbq at my aunt and uncle's house.
So we all headed out for a bit. I ended up leaving early for dinner with Dara, Melanie, Simone, and Amy. {Unfortunately we didn't get pictures with Amy}
Dara had been outside decorating my car and I had to drive hom in this...