Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Improvements

So after years of living in what I call "white trash ghetto" and being grateful for a roof over my head but not so happy with the look of the house, I took a huge leap and added some color! Now, I am beginning to feel like I can call it "home".

I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time so below... you can see what I did. And if you keep scrolling down, you'll see how incredible the wall looks with my couch! I also took my paintings from Italy to Michael's yesterday to order the frames, OH I CANNOT wait til they come in! Yes, I will post pictures! They are black frames with brown matting!


beckyjomama said...

Looks great! Did you do that yourself? LOVE the red!

Jenn said...

Yes... I painted it myself. I still have the kitchen to do, it will be a dark brown! But I have some homework to catch up on so I am thinking that will take place in a few weeks.

Joey said...

It looks awesome! I love the red!! Can't wait to see an updated pic with the italy pictures on the wall.