Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Back to school

So today I started my class for my MBA. WOW! It is not hard yet but I am feeling a little intimidated. I know I can do this but let's face it, I do not have a lot of experience in the business world. Sure, I did purchasing for Scrapbooks, Etc. but is that enough to get me through this program? Reading the autobiography's of other students... these people have some experience! So yes, I feel a bit intimidated but you know, I am going to get through this. Did I mention this is only the first class and it is suppose to be easy! We will see. I will tell you this much though, I am really liking this online thing. I had decided to take one online class and then transfer to UOP's ground campus (like I did for my bachelor's degree) but this online thing, I am doing homework and interacting with other students (for points obviously) on my lunch break and as soon as I get home. I might stick this out with the whole online thing. Anyone else want to join me???

On a side note, did you vote? I did! I am not getting political but I like how I feel when I vote. Voting makes me feel smarter. I haven't followed the entire campaign but I definitely knew who I was voting for... now just to see if he wins! {Yes, Beck... No to O}

So that is my blog for today. I have some reading to do on managerial work so I should probably get that done.

Happy Voting Day!


Anonymous said...
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beckyjomama said...

I love you Jenn!!!

I needed a smile today:)