Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Official Trailer

Last night I went to see Twilight. Sarah and her friend went to stand in line around 6pm. Jenny and a the rest of us went to get some food and meet up with Sarah after around 8:30. Yes, people stood in line forever for good seats! We got into the theater around 9:30 and still had to wait til midnight for it to begin.
Waiting was interesting. There were a few guys who were hilarious! They came prepared with beach balls to throw while we waited. However, no one expected the uptight grumpy women. Security came in and took the ball. The women complained about the guys (I put in my 2 cents that they were doing nothing wrong and the women needed to loosen up some). Seriously... what else were we suppose to do for 2-1/2 hours while we were in a theater??? We had fun at the grumpy women's expense though...
The movie finally started at midnight. It was definitely a bit different than the book, slower, but still good.
Fun times with great friends!
Thanks Jenny and Sarah for letting me tag along with you!!!

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