Wednesday, October 31, 2007


View from the Condo- here in Kauai. I will definitely update later. I took this photo a few hours ago. It is beautiful here though and I don't think I will want to come home.

Friday, October 19, 2007

What a day-

I had to share my Thursday, 18th day of October, 2007

I woke up this morning to a huge oil leak so I had to figure out how the heck I was getting to work on time and take my vehicle in. Mission accomplished- Rick (co-worker) picked me up at the shop and took me to work. Gina (co-worker) brought me back to pick up my truck after work and I drove blissfully home. A bit tired and I was suppose to meet up with Mel to swim. Well, we decided to put off swimming and the more I contemplated the idea, I decided that I would go tan and then head off to swim. Which leads me to the last 4 hours of my life....
I took Max (the psychotic dog) for a drive up to Warner and Gilbert so I could tan. Max waited patiently in the truck for me. 10 minutes later I come out to start my truck. In my happy little world, I put the key in the ignition... NOTHING! What the heck, I think. I just got it out of the shop. I try again, still nothing. The lights are on, the radio turns on but it will not start. So, I cheerfully call the shop knowing it is 2 hours after they close, why would they be there??? Well, my mechanic answers and I tell him my wonderful vehicle will not start. He kindly asks me to try a few things much to our surprise they do not work. I give him directions and he comes to save the night; however, he is unable to. With no luck, he cannot get the truck started. So Max and I load up into his truck and he drives me home, explaining that I should call AAA and have them tow the truck to the shop. PERFECT- I do not have AAA but- Melanie does! I call Melanie and she comes to my rescue. We are told that the tow truck will be there within 1 hour. They take the hour to arrive.
In the meantime I need to decide how to arrive restful and cheerful at work in the morning so I call my dear mother who is asleep. I wake her from her dreamland and explain what is happening. After the hour wait for the tow truck, Melanie drives me to my mothers to pick up her truck. I explain to my mother I will be back at 7 am so she can drive me to work. She happily agrees to help me out!
Now, the fun part. As I am driving home at 10:30 pm on US60, thinking about this eventful evening, the thought actually passes through my tired brain "wouldn't it be comical if I get pulled over, that would be the icing on the cake". Driving a little over the speed limit (don't ask Dad!) and the fact that I change lanes A LOT (something I do routinely). Oddly enough I look in my rearview mirror to see those lovely flashing red lights. Yep, I am being pulled over!
So the kind officer asks me where I am coming from and I politely explain from having my vehicle towed and picking up my mother's truck. He then asks if I have been drinking and again I politely explain that I have only had water and milk to drink (low-fat milk). What a nice man that police officer was because he states he is looking for drunk drivers and is only going to give me a warning. I thank him very kindly, get my warning, and drive carefully to my safe haven where I do not want to venture out of any time soon. Tomorrow will apparently be another day.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

random memory- but a happy one

"It's not brave if you are not scared."

quote from the movie Bounce

Ok, so I just got done watching the end of the movie Bounce, with Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow. It brings back memories with Paula. We loved this movie, why???

The shower scene with Ben. We are such dorks that we would pause the scene (it was just a chest shot!). That makes me laugh.

Anyways, the quote above is in the movie and when Paula was in the hospital I wrote the quote on the little board in her room. It is so true, you can't be brave if you are not scared!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Faith's Birthday Pictures

Now for Faith's Birthday Pictures-

Morgan's Birthday Pictures

Here are photo's from Morgan's Birthday. Finally!

Her birthday cake was Pazookie!