Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

Does anyone else out there watch this show? I LOVE it! I believe the show has become my favorite. Maybe because they are older women and let's face it... so am I. Maybe because I secretly would love to live in the heart of a major city {I seriously do not consider Phoenix a real city}. Nico is dating the hot, young guy, Kirby. Victory is on again off again with Joe, the billionaire and Wendy is married to Shane with 2 kids. The women are all very successful, it's almost like Sex and the City but maybe not as trashy?
Anyways, if you do watch it or have only caught a few episodes or maybe want to tune it... it's now on Friday nights at 8pm {AZ time} on NBC.
That is all I have for today-


angieinpink said...

yep! love it. [just don't tell my mom. hahahaha jk.] victory is my favorite. but i kinda liked that contractor guy...and you?

mom: for the record, it is less trashy than SITS.


love ya jenn! i was sad to hear i missed you & ames last night!

Jamie said...

I totally {♥} it! It is also one of my favorites.