Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Random shots in Italy

I decided to put up some random photos I took in Italy... so enjoy:
I just love this photo that I took at the Roman Forum.

Random shot of traffic in Rome while we were on our bus tour. It was nice to be off our feet for a little bit and we got to see a lot of Rome. If you are planning to go, I would highly suggest doing a bus tour of Rome your first day and then hitting the sites once you are rested from your long flight over!

So who would think it is safe to drink water in Italy? We all know (being the Arizonians we are) that you cannot drink water when you go to Mexico! So I was a little afraid to just walk up, fill up my water bottle, and start drinking. In Italy... it is ok to do that! Here is a photo of a place (seriously not sure what it is called) you can fill up your water bottle!
Speaking of drinkings.... while you were all in the early morning of work, we were enjoying Venice. Patty and I stopped at a little stand that sold cold beverages... aka: water, coke, and lovely bottles of bacardi breezers! So, why not? We are on vacation! We bought ourselves the delicious beverages and enjoyed every minute of it. Who knew you could walk down the streets of Venice with alcohol in your hand while your friends are back home working! I love Italy!!!

If you look close, you can see the clothes hanging out to dry. They do not have dryers because there is no room in their homes. They put everything out to dry. Now they did have drying racks in their house for the more "delicate" items but I still saw some had it all hanging out! {By the way, this is Genoa and I'll post photos of each place we visited over the month!}

Yep- tell me how the heck you pee here!!!? I had heard about the different toilets and the fact that some places you had to pay to pee (see tip below). A lot of places would have their toilet seats removed so needless to say when we would find a place to go to the bathroom as normal as possible, it was fabulous! This particular toilet we found on our way traveling to Cuneo. I had to pee bad... there was no way I was going to be able to hold it even though I wanted {is this TMI?}. Anyways Patty and I headed for the bathroom first while Brigid stayed behind with the luggage. We are at a train station and walk in to find this... OH NO I tell Patty, let's check out another bathroom... so we head to the next one on a different platform. We find the exact same thing! By now we are busting up laughing and asking each other how we are suppose to pee. DUH... squat! Ok- TMI but I have to say the entire time I was peeing I was laughing and so was Patty. Luckily this was the only toilet we came across like this but you will see the toilet below this has no toilet seat and we came across our fair share of these.

On a side note: As I said, some places charge you to use the restroom (I found this mostly in Venice, Brigid paid 1 euro which at the time was about $1.45 American dollars). Make sure you use the restrooms when you are eating at a restaurant or in a museum.

Some Italian men standing on a street in Rome. Everyone smokes there! That is probably the one thing I did not like about Italy and could not wait to come back to AZ for... non smoking EVERYWHERE!

The street signs throughout Italy

Another street shot in Italy. This again was on our bus tour.

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Laura Blue said...

first off... that viva la vida song reminds me of my mom. if you ever get the chance...ask her to sing it for ya. hillarious! secondly, i'm glad you posted more italy photos...i can't get enough of them. it's so fun to see all the neat places you got to see...minus the toilets...not so fun. hope you're doing well. sorry i'm behind on commentings, but i do read all your posts. chao