Saturday, October 05, 2013

Hawaii - 2013

Oahu, Sept. 2013 - Went to Hawaii with my mom for her 66th birthday. I took her snorkeling and we swam in the ocean with dolphins and sea turtles. Lots of fun- I got a couple of great shots of dolphins. While the rest of the tour was swimming toward another group of dolphins, I turned and saw these 3 swimming together. 

The tour took us to another spot where we swam with about 6 turtles. Later in our trip, we did find a sea turtle in the ocean while we were at the beach. My mom followed it as I ran back to get the camera for a photo. By the time I got back out to the turtle, he was gone. 

One of my favorite places was actually The Outriggers Canoe club that Marsha belongs to. The sunset was amazing (see below). We would meet for breakfast in the morning and happy hour in the evening. Aunt Nona used to tell my mom about The Outriggers and so it was one place she definitely wanted to go. Worth it (but only if you are a member, sorry).

 Chinaman's Hat - stopped for a photo opp on our drive around the island with Marsha and Newell. 

I cannot mention my favorite beach because it seemed to be less populated and well, I am hoping that it will still be more isolated in the years to come as I go back. This beach was pure heaven and I already have my first 3 days of next summer planned for this beach. Both my mom and I loved it here and don't really want to go to any other beach. Our first visit here, we spent time in the ocean and the waves were perfect for body surfing. It was so much fun!

Pulled off for some sight seeing on one of our many drives. 

 This is the view from Marsha's guest house. We slept with the windows open every night and the trade winds kept us nice and cool. Every morning I woke up, I could see the lush, green palm trees with Honolulu in the background!

My mom and I on her birthday! It was such a fun, great trip! Looking forward to going back next year.