Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Arizona = Heat

So as you know, I was born here in Arizona and I have lived here my entire life. Growing up, I HATED the heat! I wanted to move... anywhere! As long as it was out of this city of hell.
Did you know the house I grew up in only had a swamp cooler? No wonder I HATED it here!
Well, as I got older, I grew to love Arizona and learned to deal with the summers. Not that I enjoy them... but I deal with them. It also seems that every year it takes longer and longer for the cold weather to arrive. We have been able to wear t-shirts and flip flops and it is still in the 80's. Now, did you all realize that tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!!! I swear, something is wrong. Wasn't Thanksgiving all about jeans and sweaters? What happened? Why is it every year when my family gets together and we eat outside, it is still a bit warm? I mean, you could wear a long sleeve shirt in the shade but you definitely do not need to pull out winter items. Ok, wait, Arizona winter clothes are long sleeve shirts! HA~
Well, today it rained. Today it is cold (for Arizona). I LOVE it!!!
I love cold weather.
Bundling up in warm clothes.
Drinking hot chocolate.
Warm soup.
I love being able to use the scarves I bought in Italy.
The only thing I dislike... is my feet get cold in flip flops still.
But I'm a flip flop girl so that is a hard habit to break.
Enjoy the Arizona winter....

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beckyjomama said...

We haven't seen anything above the 30's since we came home from AZ! Now, THAT is cold!!!