Sunday, November 09, 2008

Faith's day

So today I took Faith for her birthday gift! Yes, I know, I'm almost 2 months late. For the girls birthday's this year I did not get them a present (wait... yes I did! They each got to pick something out at the store... Morgan got the Miley Cirus CD and Faith got a webkin). We also went to dinner to celebrate their birthdays and as you know, I got Morgan tickets to see the Jonas Brothers (even though they only sang about 4 songs). Faith is a bit harder to find things for that are a bit "special" she is still pretty much only into dogs and cats. Morgan suggested me taking Faith to a dog show! Serious!!! There is no way I would sit though a dog show sooo I had to figure something out and that I did.
We went to Red Robin for lunch then over to As You Wish to paint. Faith painted a dog... After, we stopped at cold stone creamy and had ice cream to celebrate her birthday. From there, we went to borders were she spent her gift certificate that my mom got her. She got a few books, even picked out chapter books! I am really proud of her because it seems her reading is improving! GO GLASSES!!!
I totally did not get any pictures! Sorry about that but the girls are spending the night on Friday night and then we are headed to get our hair done (my colored and cut, their's just a cut) so I'll try and take some pictures then.
Ok- it is time to get some sleep. Tomorrow is Monday... ick!

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