Saturday, November 15, 2008

Color, Cut, Style...

Well I stink because I do not have photos... next weekend I will have some photos to post.

The girls spent the night last night and it has been awhile since the three of us have been together. They are amazing and exactly what I need some times! We had fun just hanging out. Last night they played and watched a movie while I struggled over homework. Faith kept asking if I was done yet. She also said she is going to go to college after high school so she does not have to go to school online like I do! HA- little does she know she will probably go to school online because it will be the way most will eventually go to school. We talk about the importance of getting a college degree all the time so I think they understand they'll be going to college! I am not sure what was up with Faith but she kept asking me how much everything in my house cost. She was making me laugh. She would not go to sleep until I went to bed last night, she usually doesn't. However, Morgan climbed into bed around 11. Faith and I headed off around midnight.
We woke up this morning and headed to see Audrey to get our hair cut. Faith still has the same cut with bangs, just above her shoulders now and Morgan changed her to the same cut. I am trying to convince Morgan to start styling her hair in the mornings. So when we got home today I handed her the flat iron and showed her how to use it. We tried it on Faith's hair and then Morgan did her own. I even had Faith try it. I think (and hope) they'll start using the flat iron on their hair now that they know how easy it is to use! Now some of you may not understand but this is great news because they never do anything to their hair. Since Susie has come along though, she does do stuff with their hair but in the mornings for work she leaves too early so obviously the girls need to learn to do their own hair. Anyways, I am excited!
After our hair (I had color and a cut... normal color it is now) we ran a few errands and the girls are going to help me organize the second bedroom so I can eventaully put a bed in there. I need to get rid of my corner desk and once my friend Nicole finds a new house, she'll be taking it away! It feels good to start getting rid of stuff I do not use or need.
That was our weekend! Relaxing... Hair... Fun!

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