Wednesday, August 08, 2007

1st Day of School

Ok- so I couldn't choose just 1 photo or even just 2- My gosh they are so stinkin cute!
They both had a good day at school. I talked with Morgan for a bit on the phone tonight- She had to write a paper about her first day of school. Faith said her favorite thing was something about a robot- I'm not really sure!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fun Stuff

We started our day off with bagels from Einstein's and then headed for haircuts. Well- Morgan ended up getting highlights and let me say- she looks stinkin ADORABLE! She is seriously beautiful and I will get pictures of her and Faith posted ASAP. We went to American Eagle and bought Morgan's bag- it's the cute tan and hot pink one- you'll see the ABSOLUTELY, STINKIN, ADORABLLY CUTE hat we purchased too. After we purchased the hat, we had to go get a new outfit to match the hat and then shoes to match the outfit- Morgan found out today what it's really like to be a girl!

Faith wanted the same bag as Morgan and of course there is no way that can happen. So- we headed off to Old Navy and found this way too cute, extremely adorable bag that Faith adores {I do too}. Faith is just as beautiful as her sister and well be just as stinkin cute tomorrow too!
Finally, after the girls went to sleep, I went to work on Morgan's school binder. She has to have a 2" ring binder and there are not any cute ones available. So, I went digging through bags and came up with this. She has no idea I decorated her binder {she knows the paper is in there}. This is the end result!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Shoes and Girls

The girls came home yesterday and I took today and tomorrow off to spend time with them. We spent the morning shopping for Heely's {Pictured here}. They are both so excited; however, scard of breaking their necks so we haven't had the wheels in that much today- in time.
We also went to meet the teacher tonight. It was fun and the girls are excited to start school on Wed morning. It's been a tradition for me to get them ready in the morning and then take them to school on the first day- 4th and 2nd grade this year. They are getting so big.
Tomorrow we plan on more school shopping and then swimming. We have a movie planned for the evening and then early to bed because of the school night.

Big Purchase

I finally found a piece of furniture for my home. I have been living in this house for {let's not really count the number of years} we'll say a long stinkin time! And- I am slowly starting to make it more of a home. My first HUGE purchase is this sofa! I LOVE IT! You can see I still have the old one here {currently moving it to Erika's second home which her parents will live in when she comes home} The ottoman has cushions on top but then flip them over for trays- inside each of the 4 sections is storage! I have also been painting and not quite finished. Once it's finished I'll get more updated pictures.