Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

My Dad and Great Grandma Lostracco

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Yo Pops

Uhmmm... it would be nice if you'd come chill with me in my dream tonight. Then we could talk.

My 3 reasons I would like this:
1) I miss you sooooo much!
2) Because you love me... duh
3) Because I love you all the way from earth!

Thanks Daddy!

you're daughter :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

One week home, doctor's orders

So this week, I woke up on Sunday not feeling well. Sore throat, ear was bugging me, the normal 'cold' or sinus symptoms. Figured I'd be ok the next morning because there are days I don't feel great but it usually passes. Those days relate to allergies. Why do I get allergies now in Arizona? When my dad was 9, the whole family picked up and moved from Niagara Falls because he had horrible allergies. People moved HERE because allergies were not bad. Now, I get allergies! I'm from here! Does anyone else out there agree that this is completely annoying? My mother claims it's because so many people have moved here and brought their plants and flowers with them. I despise allergies!
this is how we roll when I am home sick for a week!
So, I wake up on Monday morning and there is no way I'm going to work. I still don't feel well. Then I open my mouth to talk. Talk to whom you may wonder but that is beside the point. I knew my throat hurt so I needed to find out quickly if my voice was still there. It was but barely. It was like it was hanging on for it's last life line. I called in sick and went back to sleep until 11 am. Crazy, right? I guess my body needed that. Monday night, not feeling much better. Ear is bugging me, throat still hurts, glands are swollen, and now I have a headache. No fever so that is good. I'm up and down all night. Call in the next morning again. Apparently my co-workers know something is seriously wrong because... I'm never gone. They are right. I do not feel good! ugh-
Wednesday morning, I wake up with another headache and ear ache. Voice is a little better but not much. I struggle whether I should go in or not. I really need to be at work but I also need to rest my voice so I can talk. I call in again and decide I'm going to the doctor today. So, I make an appointment and at 11:30 I'm face to face with the absolute BEST doctor in the world! He's seriously amazing and so, so sweet. I love that I can also pretty much self diagnose myself. I think over the last few years I've only been wrong once on my self diagnosis. He says I have the crap going around and I tell him I think it's an ear infection and a sinus infection (at that point he only knew I didn't have a voice so that is why he wasn't aware of the ear and sinus stuff). Checked my ear, yep... middle ear infection. Checked all my sinus stuff (that so grosses me out) and yep, sinuses. Apparently, taking allergy medication is good but it also dries everything up. So when you have sinus issues like I do now (again... what the blessed hell!?), drying everything up is not very good. So next year, I need to take allergy medication and Mucinex! So I leave with an antibiotic prescription, a note excusing me from work for the entire week, and instructions for 'No Talking!".

My mom's recipe for a Hot Tottie
So tonight, I tried a couple of remedies to cure this laryngitis that I have. First, my mom told me to boil bean sprouts, then drink the water. It wasn't bad, drank a whole cup full of that stuff. Then, I went for the hot tot tie that my mother ALWAYS makes me drink and even my doctor told me to try one and suggest putting brandy in it too. I love my doctor but I don't like brandy and my mom always uses whiskey, which I don't like either. So my version would either be vodka OR when looking in my cupboard, I found Malibu Rum. I tried it and it was delicious, except I put too much lemon in the drink!

Hopefully tomorrow or at least by Friday, my voice will be back and going to the grocery store won't seem so exhausting!