Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas gift ideas

So I have this cute friend whom I call Elizabeth... but I believe only I call her that, maybe I am wrong. Anyways... she is so dang creative it is UNBELIEVABLE! She created the charm I wore for over a year that said FREEDOM. Tonight I attended her jewelry party where you could see face to face her adorable stuff. Of course I got a necklace and because I love her stuff so much I decided I would share her website with you!

Check Liz's stuff out here

Check out her adorable rustic signs too! I'm going to be looking into that once I get my humble home a bit more organized and livable. Anyways... on a side note. I am smarter than I thought! I did well my first week of school and have an assignment due tonight. Uhmm... I have not startedd but never fear, I have 3 hours left to get it done.
So I am off to do homework.

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Laura Blue said...

she does have some really cute stuff. how did that homework go? hope everything is going good for you. are you going to be in town over christmas? we're coming down and it would be fun to get togegther and do something.