Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Almost time...

So in 2 months, I am graduating! I have 5 more weeks of school left {that is not including the extra 5 weeks for a math class I still need}.

This has been a great 2-1/2 years. I have made some major changes in my life.
1: Going back to school. I was terrified and not sure if I could do it. I had no idea how much going back to school would change me.
2: Career change. This was huge because I left a job that I absolutely LOVED. I left great friends and I ventured out into an entire new world. I miss SB Etc a lot but I LOVE where I am now and the guys I work with... are awesome!
3: New friends. I have made some amazing friends that I spend every Wednesday night with. I think sometimes we know a bit too much about each other but it's definitely been a fantastic experience and I will miss our Wednesday night classes together!
4: New experiences. I had an opportunity to volunteer at 3 different agencies here in the valley: American Cancer Society, Juvenile Detention Center, and Terros {with their crisis team}. The experiences were absolutely incredible and definitely gave me knowledge to things I was unaware of. I have also made GREAT friends at the agencies- I heart them and their friendship.
5: I have grown as a person. The experiences I have had, the friends I have made {and lost}, the knowledge I have learned have helped me to grow into a better person.

I want to thank each of you who encouraged and supported me over the last several years. Without you all, I would not have made it to the point I am at today!


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tell her....

I found this and just wanted to share.... OH, and 11 weeks 'til I am done with school!!!

tell her