Sunday, June 17, 2007


Happy Father's Day DAD-



angiedunn said...

k, twins. that's all.

ForeverSarahLee said...

Cute header w/the girls. Cute Daddy pic! And hey, hope that paper turned out alright. Lol! I officially start TOMORROW... Tuesday! Yay! :0)

chris+amber said...

I'm with Ang....twinners! My girls still look for the lollipop girl! They miss you! It was so fun to see you at Amelia's reception. I wish I had my girls there to see you. They would've loved that! Too bad Tate had to barf all over my dad before the reception. *sigh*

Dad said...

Jennifer, thank you so much. we need to put better picture on :) You are so special to me. i am so proud of you, for your acomplisments in life. And the person you turned out to be. you are a strong woman, and i love that. you will always be my little girl to me. i want so much for you, but i want you to earn it on your own, so you will be proud of your self also. i watch you grow up to be such a wonderful person. you have a good heart. you are a great insperation for paula,s girls, you have done some thing that not many would do, they say they would. but you have stuck with it. i am so glad to have such a wonderfull daughter like you. I wish i could get you to move to Alaska, but you know where you want to be. we will win the lottory soon. :) I had to sign up to send you this, what a bummer, i hate signing up on sites :)
Love you Baby

Jenn said...

but Dad- I love you more!

shabbyscrapper said...

ok...stop it! you are making me seem to have a way of doing that. the relationship you and your dad have is awesome! something to treasure more than jewels or gold!
i love my dad and miss him so much this time of year! and i love you!