Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The girls and I had a great weekend! We stayed up late on Friday night and had tickle time. Funny how Morgan NEVER wants to engage in tickle time but always ends up getting involved and having fun. We ran a couple errands on Saturday morning {the girls were great-no whining} and then went swimming at my friend Michele's house. After, I had to stop by Erika's to help her dad look for paper work- so the girls went swimming AGAIN! Ok- after hours of swimming, what do you think happens to children? They get whiney! So- whiney and all we went to Target to find a toy they could take on the airplane this week. We came home, made pazooki {apparently that is what we do here now} and watched a movie. I was so tired I wanted to go to bed- I told them to turn the TV off when they were done but we all went to sleep at the same time. Morgan was in bed and started singing- HOLY WOW- the girl knows worship songs by heart! We probably all laid in bed and sang for about an hour. It was definitely fun and a great memory. The next morning I brought them home and Faith asked if I was going to church with them- so I went. After, Grandma Karen came out, we had a little bbq and hung out. I took Faith for her first "REAL" Pedicure. Yep, she soaked her feet and everything! This from the child whose toes were afraid of polish! I'll never forget Paula calling me to tell me that Faith told her to call and let me know her toes were not afraid anymore {of nailpolish-her fingers were still afraid though}. That makes me laugh-
As for Paula- it's been 3 years. I hate June! How I wish that we could just skip this month. But I suppose there were many great memories made that month. The last time the girls saw their mom and the smile on Paula's face when they both climbed into the hospital bed with her- her smile was priceless. I was baptized in the hospital room, with Paula, Becky, and Heather. Paula won at Skipo- even though she was not awake! OK- Beck and I let her win! oh- I also made Becky say the F word 10 times in a row and it helped make her feel a bit better for a moment! Yep- Becky said the F word and I heard it. And then there was the talk of "smart vs. stupid" men. Amazingly enough, we laughed a lot.

I so wish she was still here. I miss her. So here is to June- and to Paula- the most amazing woman I have ever known and the bestest friend in the entire universe- no one could ask for a better friend!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! I love your blog - it keeps me up to date on the girls and on you and I feel so out of touch without it! This one though had me crying like a baby. I hate June as well - way too painful!!! We did make some memories that week though and we got to say goodbye! I wouldn't trade that for anything - except to still have her here! She WAS the best friend EVER!!! I miss you and love ya tons .... are you sure I said it 10 TIMES?!?!?!?!? I must've blocked that out!!!
Love ya!! Becky

Jenn said...

First- yes 10 TIMES!!! I am glad you read it- I never know if anyone keeps up to date with it- The last couple months I have not seen the girls much and now they are leaving to Kansas for a couple months- but starting in Aug it will be back to normal.
I am so glad to hear that June sucks for you too- I feel like sometimes I am crazy or something because I still miss her like crazy. I miss you too- I've wanted to call but don't have your number. Will you email me all your info again {Please}.
I would not trade that week for anything (except to have her here too)I am so thankful that I was able to be there and not worry about work or an income {thanks DAD!}. Ok- I have to go or I'll start crying- but remember this... NEVER sit on the floor in the hospital- ewww I have shivers thinking of that. That was hilarious- gag!!!
Love ya too!!!

Anonymous said...

yep - hospital floors ... truly gross!!!! Laughing through the tears, that seems to be our style.

angieinpink said...

i love ya. if we don't get together soon, i'll be sad. the end.

ForeverSarahLee said...

You have such a good way with words Jenn. And I so loved reading this blog, tears. You are such an amazing woman too! So while you're missing her, remember that she would love the person that you are today and so grateful for all that you're doing. 'Cause you absolutely rock babe! :0)

shabbyscrapper said...

i love you! sarah is helping me actually learn how to use this blog thing...so keep watching...i just might suprise you!