Saturday, June 30, 2007


I was sitting here tonight, a little sad, ok, A LOT sad when I recieved a phone call from Morgan! She is the cutest thing ever!!! She called from Kansas- yep, told her grandma she wanted to call me. Faith apparently said she wanted to call too and talk to me and tell me she missed me, but once the opportunity came up to talk on the phone she decided against it. Here is the thing, up until this summer, Morgan would not talk to anyone on the phone. Once she got on the phone with her dad, she realized that it was "like riding the horses, I was scared at first, but once I did it, I wasn't afraid and I liked it". {seriously, I have no idea what she was afraid of when talking on the phone} Anyways, Morgan and I talked for half an hour. It made my night. I was just thinking how much I missed them and wished they were here now.
They are having a good time. Morgan said she likes the little town because there are not as many robbers and kidnappers. She asked me if there was anything exciting happening here- she makes me laugh, she is so grown up- OH, and she said since she liked to talk on the phone, could she now have her own cell phone- then proceeded with the "pleeeeaasssse". I said no! So she asked if she could still get Heely's. I promised I'd get her and Faith a pair before school starts. Looks like we'll be doing some shopping when they get home.
Those girls ROCK! I absolutely love them and miss them so much!!! I can not wait til they come home.


chris & amber said...

You're such a good role model for those girls. Paula is so lucky to have you take care of her girls. Those girls obviously love you to pieces!!

angieinpink said...

how fun! i can't wait for you to see them either! glad you got to chat. so fun.