Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just an update

I went to the airport to say good-bye to the girls before they boarded the plane. Morgan was feeling nervous about the plane ride and worried to leave her dad for such a long time. Can you believe how grown up she is getting?? Faith asked me if I'd be sad when she left and then actually wrapped her little arms around me and gave me a hug. The girls made it ok and enjoyed their plane ride- that is via Stac. I thought I would post an old photo of the girls- this was the summer of 05 at a disney camp they went to at a friends preschool. Look how little they were and Faith has no front teeth!

As for me- things are good. Substance abuse class is almost over and with the class I attended my first NA {that's Narcotics Anonymous} meeting. NO- I do not have an addiction. We had to attend for class and do a presentation. I think this has been one of the most interesting classes I have had. I also started volunteering again at the detention center {which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!}

My mother went to North Carolina and had a fabulous time, this was the farthest she has ever been from home. She also went to DC and sent me a post card of the Vietnam Wall- She's the best! I couldn't ask for a better mom. Amazingly enough I missed her while she was gone and I was whiny on my birthday because she was not in town. Funny- because I still would have been out with friends but it's just the thought of her not being here.

Hope this post finds you all well- as Ang would say...

{Happy Wednesday}


angiedunn said...

loved the update o' jenn!
the girls are growing up!!
yay for edward!
and how the crap did you do your adorable header?
fill me in!

chris+amber said...

Birthdays are never the same when our moms aren't there. Doesn't matter if you're 6, 15, or 23 years old. Is there a picture of this Edward guy somewhere on your blog? I wanna see him!

chris+amber said...

PS I'm with do you do those cute headers?! I'm a computer retard.

Jenn said...

Ok- you go to the dashboard and select layout, template, page elements and edit the header- add a photo-then go to fonts and colors and you can change everything from there too- I found it last night when I should have been sleeping which, WOW- is what I should be doing now! ha

Amber- there is a photo of Edward back in Jan or Feb- I shall soon update some hopefully with new pics while he's here.

shabbyscrapper said...

i agree...your header is the bomb!!

Unknown said...

header is SO cute! and i'm so excited about the edward news! you have to take lots-o-pics with/of him when he is here! yay!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Yay for the man comin' home! Hope you get enought time w/him. And you'll have to tell more about the NA classes and such... sounds interesting enough! :0)