Thursday, July 14, 2011

Phone calls

My phone calls to my dad can be comical or sad. I guess it depends on how you look at it or what kind of mind frame I am in.

I'm sitting on the phone right now with my dad. He told me he loved me. I asked if he loved me a little or a lot and he said a lot. Then, I asked if he was proud of me and he said yes. Then, he just disappeared. He didn't hang up the phone because I can hear background noise. I can only assume the phone is in his lap and he's just sitting there, maybe asleep. I'm laughing, making noises, whistling, trying to get Lynkin to bark, anything to get his attention. So, he comes back to the phone, I say "Dad", he says "I can't hear you now" then he's gone again....

Tonight I can smile. I love this man so much. {I just heard him say 'oooooh'} so the phone must be sitting near him. And you know what, I will take every moment I can, just listening to the background noise near him because one day, I won't be able to have this. So I'm going to soak up every moment I can with my dad, even if he doesn't say anything at all.

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beckyjomama said...

Girl ... love you. You know I am here. Even if "here" is so stinkin far away.