Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 2

Last night was rough. My dad has sleep apnea and has a hard time breathing laying down anyway. So it made his breathing extremely raspy and I thought that he may not make it through the night. His oxygen level was down to 65 as well. He was pale, his lips, and finger tips were blue. I slept almost all night; however, I would wake up to make sure he was still alive. That is a horrible feeling. There was one time that I did wake up and I couldn't hear him breathing, his hand was so hot, and I thought he had passed away. Then I heard him breathe.

At about 8 am this morning, I had my back turned toward the door. When I turned around, Pisano was standing there. My heart just filled with comfort, a man who has known my dad for most of his life. A man that, even though I have not spend hours and hours with him, is a man I know would be there for me, just as my own father. Pisano was in Vietnam with my dad. They have remained amazingly great friends ever since. Within 24 hours of my call to Pisano, he booked a flight to come see my dad. For that, I am forever greatful. My dad has always told me that if there is anything I ever need, to call Pisano and he will be there for me. Because I am my father's daughter and that is what they do for each other.

When Pisano went to my dad's side, he spoke to him and I really believe my dad was responding to him. Pisano already has an appointment with the VA on Tuesday to get clarification on services and burial/cremation benefits for us.

I found out later that Amber, my cousin, was 3 hours south of Fairbanks and would be on her way as well. It was nice to know I would have family around as well. Throughout the day, there was not much change. They took him off oxygen because it was only prolonging his life and I did not want that. The nurses worked with me to protect Feng from feeling guilty of anything. In her culture, they bring the person home to care for him or her, prolonging life, until the person passes away. Obviously in our culture, most would rather die than live a life that is not really who s/he is.

My dad is a fighter and me started to sleep peacefully. He made it through the night and into day 3.

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