Saturday, October 21, 2006

Why I Love my DAD!

My flight left this morning and just because... my dad made me breakfast in bed.
I missed him the moment I went through the security gates at the airport.

so I thought I would share some of the
reasons why I love my dad...
I Love him because... He makes me breakfast in bed. He makes up random, silly, songs. He is devoted. He watches football. He watches the military channel or CNN. He tells me stories about his life as a kid and when he was in Vietnam. He loves his family. The way he just stands and thinks. He drinks Diet 7-up. He gets excited about the smallest things. He loves me unconditonally! Thanks dad... for a great week! I Love You!!!


shabbyscrapper said...

i guess you know, when i read this blog about your dad, it made me cry. you are so lucky to still have your dad around. most days i don't even consciously think about my dad. but then other reading your blog, i realize there is still a very big, empty hole in my heart that can only be filled by my dad...only he's no longer here to fill it.

my dad was such a kook! drove most people crazy...but those same little things that made him kooky are the very things i miss the most. he could always make me laugh!

i am just so glad that we didn't have any bad blood between know, no regrets. in fact he was at my house for lunch the day before he had his accident.
lucky for me, i know i will see him again in the next life. what a great reunion that will be!!

Kristin said...

I love my dad too...for many of the same reasons! I just loved that my dad picked out his song to dance with me at my wedding! He chose....I Loved her First. It just made me tear up the first time I heard the song.

shabbyscrapper said...

that song totally made me cry too...remember jenn? i married off a daughter and a son this past year...bittersweet to be sure!

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh.. I'm almost in tears.. I can't tell you how happy I am just to have the relationship I do with my dad. It's the greatest thing ever! I spent most of my life being mad at him because I thought he 'left' me... when he moved to Alaska. I can't even begin to ever comprehend how much I love and appreciate him. But the same goes for my mom as well. I'm truly blessed to have two loving parents who would do anything in this world for me... They are both the best! Ok... tears are going to start falling... my paper is done! IT SUCKS!