Sunday, October 29, 2006


Well Friday night the girls spent the night! By the time they got here, they were pretty exhausted and ready for bed. Anyways, the next morning we went for breakfast and then met Dara and Madeline at the park. The girls had a good time playing and for some reason, rolling down a grass hill always seems like the best idea. My favorite part was when we got in the car and all I heard was... I itch, I itch, I itch! I remember those days!!
Stac ended up picking up Faith and Morgan and I headed to go get our hair done. I had mine colored and styled and Morgan got hers styled. She is really starting to grow up! We went to see the movie Flicka after our hair appointment and... when we walked out she asked if I cried. I told her I did and she said, I almost cried too!
I had really missed them! It had been 2 weeks since I spent time with them and we had a great time. (Oh, and the reason Faith did not go to the movies with us... she said Flicka was boring! She is definitely still into cartoons... I can't wait until she is past that stage!)

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