Monday, October 23, 2006

New Job

Well today was the first day of my new career! We had an all day orientation and it went rather quickly. There were about 100+ people in orientation and they covered the general information of University of Phoenix, our FREE tuition, benefits, and payroll. At the very end, we broke up into small groups for our 3 weeks of training. Yep... 3 whole weeks. I am very excited though. I've been worried wether or not I would be able to do the job. Change is scary and sometimes will make you question your abilities. But you know, I know me, and if I put my mind to something... I can do it. I totally believe in education and so why wouldn't I do a good job??? Anyways, I have a paper to write for class on Wednesday night and some things to read for tomorrow... Thanks for reading my blog and staying interested in my life.


dschulenberg said...


I know you are going to excel in your new role. People are going to register in the hopes of getting further exposure to the Jenn I know and love. Can't wait to get the scoop. BTW...can you just accidentally erase my UOP bills during 'training'? They couldn't possibly be're in training! Just a thought? :)

Jenn said...

You crack me up! I'll see what I can do but I'm thinking I'll get fired and then you'll have to keep going to school, pay your bills, and support me! We need to discuss a pedicure date.

Kristin said... that you're doing a blog!! Hang in there during training, change brings on new opportunities and people!! You're such a people person...that's what we all love about you! Can you say FREE education one more time??? wish I had that!!

Jenn said...

FREE education ROCKS!