Monday, October 16, 2006

I made it... AND... so did my luggage!

Well I made it here and the flight wasn't as bad as I anticipated. My flight was late leaving Phoenix, which got me to Seattle at the same time my connecting flight was leaving. The gates were right next to each other and I luckily made it.
My luggage... did not. Luckily they put my luggage on the next flight and it made it to Fairbanks 3 hours later.
Did you know... I had flip flops on? Why wouldn't a girl from Arizona wear flip flops to a state that was 23 degrees? Yes... for those of you wondering, I packed other shoes in my luggage (which I'll remind you was LATE!).
So my first night here... it snowed. Just a lil bit. But... I saw the snow flurries come down. There is not much snow on the ground, but it is COLD. I love it though! I took a picture Sunday morning so those of you, like me, who wonder what snow is... will know. :)
That's all for now... xoxox

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