Sunday, July 08, 2012

Photo a Day, June

So I didn't finish out the month for June on my photo a day quest but here is what I ended up with:

June 8 - Six O'Clock ... I had a Silpada Jewelry show at my house on this specific evening. Got some great necklaces out of it!

June 9 - my view today... I had to work {Saturday} so this was my view for the majority of the day. I love my photo of Lynkin that sits on my desk! The little statue is a gift my dad gave me when he went back to Vietnam and my photo from Hawaii. You can also see the cute coloring that Ruby gave me. It makes the day go by fast with lots of trinkets from home around my desk.

 June 10 - best bit of my weekend... I love my pool and there's nothing better than a good book in the sun. This book was ok but not my favorite summer reading. I love Jennifer Weiner though!

June 11 - door (the door to my childhood, teen years, and early adulthood)

June 12 - from a low angle (very first bedroom)
{not my favorite photo but it's the ceiling I stared at as I grew up}

June 13 - Art... I love this photo I took while I was in Venice. I have this blown up on a canvas in my house. It's one of my favorite photos!

June 16 - out and about (I didn't go to far on Sat) ... I ran errands all day on the 15th but out and about was for the 16th so this is what you got!

June 17 - in my bag... Since it's Father's Day, I changed the daily topic.

June 18 - something people don't know about me - I have no clue what to do with bangs!
This was a hard topic but I have to remind myself in the future... NO BANGS. Every two years or so, I cut my bangs because I think I want them. Two months later, I no longer want bangs. They look good for a week but then grew and at that point, I've got nothin'.... ha

So that completes my photo a day for June. Maybe I should start July even though I'd be a week behind. I think in a year or so, I'll be glad I did this! 

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