Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lynkin and the pool

So for whatever reason, Lynkin is terrified of the pool. When he was a puppy, I would sit on the first step and put him on my lap, hoping to ease him into the water. All he wanted was to get out of the pool. When he turned a year and the water was warm again, I tried putting him back in the pool, slowly. Yep, I had a 60 pound dog sitting on my lap and wanting as far away as he could get from this big blue hole with something in it that he was only used to drinking... aka water.

For the last 5 weeks, my mom has been staying at my house and her dog LOVES to swim in the pool. My mom has been putting both dogs in the fenced in area of the pool. Lynkin has actually been running around the pool and the dogs have played. I might add that last summer if I went near the pool, Lynkin went right back in the house!

I was getting excited, thinking that even if he doesn't want to swim, at least he won't run back in the house when I go near the pool. That's a huge plus!

Well, yesterday...... my mom was sitting by the pool, her small dog fell in the pool, she grabbed him and pulled him out. In the meantime, Lynkin and Bella (her lab), were running around the pool, playing. The next thing my mom knew, Lynkin had fallen in the pool! My poor mom, on crutches, had to get up and crutch her way to the end of the pool. Lynkin was holding on to the edge with his front paws. She grabbed onto him and pulled him out. Now Lynk will not go near the pool nor will he go outside when she is by the pool. This means we start all over again.

What this also means is not only watch your children around your pool but your dogs too! My mom said she turned her head for about 2 seconds and Lynkin was in the pool. That's also how long it takes for a child to fall in the pool. Luckily Lynkin (the brilliant dog he is) knew to grab on to the side of the pool! He's safe, my mom's little dog is safe, and I just have to work on helping Lynkin know the pool is not his enemy.

Watch your CHILDREN and your DOGS by the pool!!!!

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