Friday, April 13, 2012

A daughter’s love for her Dad is forever

I came across a Christmas card that I had bought for my dad but never mailed. Gave it to a friend so she could give it to her dad. (see below what the card said)

It seems that after 8 months, it's getting harder and harder. My heart hurt in the beginning, more like it just died with him. Then, I started to feel better, a bit more like myself. Since the end of February, I feel ... I don't know like I'm a walking emotional person who misses my dad more than anything. Maybe it's because it's more real now. Maybe it's because my mom has been living at my house for the last month, it just seems like I tear up over anything... 

seeing Erika with her dad
talking with Nat about her dad
seeing a young child with her dad
listening to a co-worker tell me about his conversation with his dad
listening to a song on the radio (or Helen Reddy over and over)

I know I am ok and I know in time it will get a little easier but for now, I will just keep up with the roller coaster knowing that my dad is always in my heart. 

A daughter’s love for her Dad is forever

A dad is his daughter’s first hero,
The man she admires from the start,
And whether she’s small or completely grown up,
He has a warm place in her heart.
{card I bought for my dad a couple years ago}

{one of my favorite photos from his service. I love how my cousin captured his baby picture in the background of the photo of him and I}

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