Sunday, August 03, 2008

Susan G. Komen walk

So today I told the girls the Susan G. Komen walk was coming up... {Oct 12 if anyone is interested}

their reply was "YAY"

We have walked every year since Paula passed away and every year, the girls are not too thrilled to walk 3.1 miles (Morgan enjoyed it last year!). I think they are getting it!

Just thought I'd share!

These pictures are from the walk in 06 {see how much Faith enjoys this event}. I didn't take many pictures last year and apparently do not have any from 04 or 05. I suppose that means I need to start taking more pictures!


beckyjomama said...

Poor Faith - could she look any more miserable? I feel for the girls ... or at least I would if she had not been riding the ENTIRE route in a WAGON!!! Just kiddin' Faith - I love you Girlie!

Also, Hattie looks so tiny in that pic!! I was thinking yesterday about how big she is getting and there it is for all to see!!!

I miss ya friend! It looks like I am gonna miss the walk - AGAIN (Dang it!!) because we have to come out for a wedding in November. But I hope to see ya then!

Laura Blue said...

faith didn't look too excited. lets hope this year is a little better for her. it looks like you have been spending some time with the little girlies lately and having lots of fun. it's nice to see pics of them... they look so big. they are adorable and so lucky to you in their lives. fun times!