Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Remember the days of being young and going to the dentist? Unsure what that man was going to do to you? Oh, I do! I did not like the dentist. I remember when I was about 12 or so I had to go for a cavity and I was terrified. My dentist was not the oh so friendly kid dentist and he prescribed me valium. I remember when I was done and my mom was paying that I reached for the door, missed, and almost passed out. My mom came running for me! {PS. my mother is a Saint!} Yep, I remember that day well... I still don't really care for the dentist!

So why the dentist story? Well, today the girls had a dentist appt with a man who sings to them. They really like him. Morgan went to the dentist years ago and had a bad experience... and let's just keep it at I finally took them to the dentist last May. Needless to say after all these years, Morgan has some cavities and Faith needed her 6 yr molar's sealed and some teeth pulled. So today was the day! Back to the dentist we went.

Now, I had it set up for Faith to have a little bit of valium {I'm wondering if it's bad I was jealous she had some!}. Morgan was going first and Faith would have the "fun" med so it would take effect before she got in the chair. Morgan did great! She went back on her own and came out fine. While she was with the dentist, he found 2 baby teeth to pull out so he did. (eww at gauze). Faith was in the waiting room with me slowly having the valium take effect. We went back to the dentist chair where I stayed. Faith did great! The valium helped, not to mention the laughing gas, and "sleeping medicine" (shots).

Faith is completely done with the work on her teeth. Morgan has to go back to have a couple more cavities filled. But I sure felt for them, especially Faith because I remember my fear of the dentist. We went to Border's after, got books, had lunch (and ice cream). All in all, it was a good day. The girls are doing much better.

Happy dentist Tuesday


Jamie said...

you = amazing

Dentist r not so much fun, but there are some good ones out there. Yay for the girls!!!

Jenaye said...

Yeah.. I feel the same way you do about the dentist.
{no thanks}
And you just wait til the day comes for the girls to head off for college.. it will come a lot faster than you think!