Saturday, August 02, 2008

Random singing by my father

So as we were driving {slowly} to Valdez, I realized there was NO music in my dad's SUV. He had cd's, great! Eric Clapton, Carley Simon, I don't even remember who else... slow, slow, slow... music. We had a 7 hour drive and no signal for a radio station. I told my dad we needed something a little upbeat.
My father not doubt, put in Dr. Hook and the next thing I know, we are listening to some song I've NEVER heard before and he is singing! My cousins, mom, and I were laughing. I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. Here is a clip I took of my dad (sorry it's side ways, it will not let me rotate it!). I really wished I would have gotten more on video. Now you'll understand why I have the song The Cover of the Rolling Stone on my playlist!

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sandalloons44 said...

you look just like him. How nice of a dad. I had a great dad but, he passed away 15 years ago. How are you doing? Hey i am on my 3rd week working 2-3 days per week at the Harkins Theatre 25 by the mall. I like it, it gets me out, I get to see free movies for me and a guest, all day long every day, I get paid, free popcorn, free drinks and free screenings.

It pays min wage but, works around my crazy life.

take care and you are going to Italy? Wow, for your graduation present?