Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tri for the Cure

Melanie, Simone, and I completed the relay sprint triathlon for Tri for the Cure this morning. I swam, Mel biked, and Simone ran. We had a lot of fun and it was a great experience for my first "tri". Here are some photos~
Melanie and I outside the bathroom. They wanted us there by 6 am and we were suppose to start around 7:15. We ended up starting at 8:20ish. It was insanely unorganized!!!

Melanie, Simone, and I waiting for the event to start!

Taking a quick breath before I go under the lane marker for my next lap.

Me swimming~ a 400

Simone taking the chip off Melanie's ankle so she could begin the run- I was so occupied trying to get a great photo that Melanie almost fell off her bike trying to balance herself after an 8 mile ride. Luckily she didn't fall and I got this awesome photo!

Simone on her 2 mile run. This was a walk in the park for her!

After the race ~ We finished and came in 2nd place for the relay! YAY US!!!

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