Monday, April 21, 2008

Friday Night Fun

So my wonderfully, terrific, awesome friend
Dara is getting married
and what better way to celebrate than a girls night out...
So here are some fun photos of last Friday night (April 17).
{Dara above at RA}

Melanie, Simone, and I before our night out.
I like this picture better, so does Melanie~
however, it's not Simone's favorite.
I almost posted the other one but decided... it's my blog!
{love ya Simone!}
Dara had no idea we were going out in style. She was informed it was going to be a casual night with 6 of us for dinner and a drink or two. To her surprise, there were about 15 of us and hummer taking us to RA and then Mist for dancing. This was when she realized we'd be going out in the hummer (picture below).
Dara and I on our way to RA. Melanie wanted everyone to make goofy poses for photos so they were not so boring. Dara and I do a good job but we are still way too cute!

Inside the Hummer. Who knows what we were doing at this time. Melanie is at the end probably singing her heart out!

Missy and Melanie.

Missy and Amy planned this great night out. Unfortunately, Amy got the Flu on Wednesday and was unable to go. We all felt so bad because she did so much to plan all of this. Amy is awesome and I know we are all thankful for her effort to put this together. We definitely missed Amy that night!

Our drink at RA. It was huge and we got to share it but I have no clue what was in the drink. I didn't think it tasted good at all but it was fun to drink out of it.

{from l-r: Melanie, Simone, Dara, and Missy}

Melanie- enough said

Margie and I

Melanie and I

Missy, Simone, Kristin, and Melanie at Mist

End of the night outside of our Hummer!

We made it home safe and sound~


shabbyscrapper said...

hey friend! got your grad announcement...GO YOU!!!
i am so proud of you. you are such an amazing woman! i love you tons and wish we could see each other more often..oh how life creeps up on us, eh?

anyway. i just wanted to say YEAH!!! for you!!
love ya, jenny

ForeverSarahLee said...

Hey, it certainly looks like you guys had a blast! :0)

Miss you girlie!

beckyjomama said...

Hey Friend,
I got tagged and had to tag other people ... I chose you.
Come see my sight and check it out.
Then you can ignore it, but I did my part!

So, when do ya graduate?
I am soo excited for you and PROUD OF YOU!!!!
Love ya!