Thursday, March 15, 2012


About 3 weeks ago, my mom fell. She had a hard time walking and thought she pulled a muscle. Knowing she would need a doctor's note for work, she headed to her family physician a couple days after the fall. He took an x-ray and nothing. The following week, she decided to go to her orthopedic surgeon and sure enough, he diagnosed her right away with a fractured hip. After the MRI confirmed the fracture, she was scheduled to have surgery. The doctor is putting three screws in her hip to hold everything together so she can heal. So here I am, sitting in a waiting room, waiting for my mom to come out of surgery. I know I blog a lot about my dad and not so much my mom. My mom doesn't read my blog and my dad used to read it. That's not a good reason not to post on here how incredible my mom is though.

My mom is my solid rock. We can fight, well, she drives me crazy and I drive her nuts with my 'attitudes' but no matter what, we have an unconditional love that I hope every mother and child has. My mom has always, always been there for me. When I'm sick, she's on the phone listening to me whine. Volunteering to bring me whatever it is I need. Even picking me up to bring her to her house because I can't get out of bed. When I go out of town, she watches my dog(s). Now, I know she doesn't mind watching Lynkin but Max... oh Max. She didn't like Max very much but she still watched him for me. She'll make me dinner on her birthday. She deals with my screaming and crying when I'm so, so frustrated. When I was little, she would put a cold washcloth on my head when I was sick and force me to drink hot totties (not until I was older though). She taught me to drive, she taught me everything. It's always been my mom and I. She sacrificed more than I probably will ever know, just for me. I have hurt her feelings, she has hurt mine but we still love each other, no matter what. I would do anything in this world for my mom and I know she would do anything for me too. I think that it's just too hard to express how much she means to me.

So as I sit here waiting for her surgery to be over, I just want the world to know how much I appreciate and love my mom.

Oh and no worries about the surgery. I let her doctor know that this is my only mother, my only parent still living and that he needs to make sure he's on his A-game when he goes into surgery with her. I double checked this morning that he had a good nights sleep, he said yes! When we first met this doctor, he did not have much personality but over the last 18 months since our first visit with him, he's coming around and even smiles and jokes now. I feel confident with him taking care of my mom. That's always a good thing!

I love you MOM!!! You are the most amazingly, loving, strong woman I know! It's you and me, against the world!

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