Sunday, June 06, 2010

The House

I still need to decorate and take better photos but here is a sneak peak...

Master Bedroom looking into the Master Bath. The carpet and paint is new. Still in the moving stages... Kitchen and Family Room.

Guest Bath... I wanted it to match my pillow case, so my painter took the pillow case down to match the color. This came out darker than I expected but I actually really like it. I still want to add some pink and brown accents in the bathroom... just need to find what I want!

Laundry Room... what a nightmare! I wanted the front loaders and I got them. However, they didn't fit at first. I had to have my painter move the vent to the dryer so we could put the closet doors on (yes, the one thing I don't love about this house is I do not have a laundry room... it's just in the hall). Well, he moved the vent to push the dryer back; however, I just realized today... that I have to manuever the soap dispenser past the open closet door and the dryer door doesn't open all the way. I need to move the dryer over! Basically... I need a handyman to put on different doors or something... I still LOVE my washer and dryer though!

So, that's a sneak peak. When I get more organized and some things up on the walls, I'll take more photos and post. I think the funniest thing is Max though. I really think he likes the house but he's always just wandering around, like he's lost or something. Because of all the tile, it echo's in the house and when I call his name, he looks the other way. Keep in mind, he's 14-1/2 so that does not help! The last couple days, I've gone in the pool for a couple of hours. The pool has a gate around it and Max keeps coming outside and walking around the yard, then goes back inside. He'll even stick his head out the doggie door. Cracks me up! Not the best photo but here's a quick look at the happiness of a dog in his new home!


beckyjomama said...

Love it! And, from some of the pics it looks alot like April's house. Cannot wait to see more!


Jenn said...

Beck- The kitchen and family room are similar to April's. The layout is a bit different. Off of the kitchen is the master bedroom and the 3 bedrooms are up front. It's kind of a crazy floor plan but I actually like it. I feel like I stay in the back of the house most of the time. Maybe because that is where the furniture is! ha-