Sunday, June 06, 2010

Coach Shoes and their new home...

My shoes... in their new home!

I LOVE... LOVE... LOVE.. these shoes. I thought about them 6 weeks prior to purchasing them because I knew I was going to buy a house and knew I should save my money. Finally, I gave in. I figured when I actually had the house, I wouldn't be able to afford them like I could at that point. A friend kept giving me a hard time about the shoes so I had to take a photo of them by theirselves in the closet. They now have friends and look absolutely HOT in my house... Yep, super glad I bought the shoes when I did!

{p.s. the baseboards were not done when the photos were taken}

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Rachel said...

Wow jenn....what huge accomplishments you have done! I am impressed and jealous that you are almost finished with your education....sometimes I think I need to go back but then reality sets in and I realize it isn't the time right now.
Your new home is beautiful! Where is it located? Your parents must be so proud of you! I guess you aren't going to move to italy then????
I LOVED the picture of max...boy he looks so old! So thanks for sharing your pictures of him and your beautiful new home!