Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goal #2

Out with the old... in with the new.

I am slowly packing because I know at some point, I will be moving. Goal #2 is to purge. Get rid of things I do not use {easier said than done}. Here is what happens. I come across something I haven't used and I think to myself... but I WILL use it!!! Hint to self: NO YOU WILL NOT! My second though: the house will be bigger. Second tip to self: WHO CARES! Is this just me? Does anyone else contemplate what to get rid of and what not to get rid of? I remember when I was little, this trait of mine drove my mother insane. I used to save the shavings of my crayons (for some odd reason I learned you could melt them together to make one cool crayon). I never did melt them together. Wish me luck!

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