Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009, comes to an end

{Photo of the house I am TRYING to buy}

I cannot believe that we are entering 2010. Where does the time go? My goal this coming year is to survive my MBA and blog more. Oh, I have many more goals and this year, I will obtain a few that I have set out for myself for the last, oh 10 years or so.
One goal is to own my own home. I am in the process of trying to purchase one; however, it is taking FOREVER. It's a short sale (why they call it short, I have NO clue). You will all know as soon as the deal is sealed!
Another goal is to travel again at the end of next year, once I finish this degree. I would really like to go back to Italy (Rome and southern Italy to be exact), so we'll see how that goes. I will go somewhere though, it's my graduation gift to myself!
Next, run a half marathon. I've wanted to do this for some time and I have started training, then something comes up. Work is finally allowing me to take extra time at lunch to go to the gym. I have to make up the time but I've been trying to do this for... oh so long now. With work and school, this will be the best schedule for me and I am excited. Jan. 4... here I come!
By 2011, I will be a home owner, MBA grad, and a runner! Not to mention, I'll have a new stamp on my passport! So, stay tuned and hopefully I'll post more than every 2 months!

Happy New Year!


beckyjomama said...

I cannot wait to hear that you got your house - how exciting! So proud of you!!!

Jenn said...

I cannot wait to hear it either! HA- Thanks though. I am excited and cannot wait to be a home owner. Kinda crazy though! Get your prayer thing goin because I need it for this house to close SOON!!!