Sunday, August 23, 2009


So for many years, I have been encouraged to take up cycling. Well, this morning I went on a ride (I have been a couple of times) HOWEVER, this was my first ride in clips. What am I talking about (for those of you who do not cycle)? I am talking about shoes and pedals. The shoes actually clip into the pedals and you have to REMEMBER to unclip or you fall right over with the bike. Yep, because your feet are 'stuck' to the pedals. I woke up last night and all I could think about was 'what if I fall over and get hit by a car because I do not unclip?'. I would advise you to try the unclipping prior to getting on the actual bike by going to a spinning class. I figured, what the heck, I would just get on the bike and go for it. So that is what I did.
As I got on the bike to pedal, my right foot was clipped in. I have no recollection of what happened next, I just remember falling to the right side. It is kind of funny and I laughed because I knew I was going to fall at some point on the ride. I have a little road rash, bruised hip, sore wrist, but other than that, I am fine. All is good... well except sitting on a bike seat for awhile is not very comfortable, nor is it comfortable for the rest of the day and I am wondering how I will sit tomorrow!
On my ride, I also had a flat tire. Dara was there (Missy, Melanie, and Joanne, a new rider that I just met). Dara changed the tire as we all stood on the side of Ellsworth and watched. Just as I told Dara that it did not take her long to change the tire, there is a loud pop. Low and behold, the new tube popped! Missy said she was thinking to herself that the little air inflater (I have no clue what it is called) should have a gauge so you couldn't put in too much air.
All in all, my first 'official' ride was good. I enjoyed the morning with great friends and cannot wait to get out there again. By the way, I only fell that one time. I did pretty good at the unclipping and there was one point where Missy had to remind me to unclip, otherwise I would have fell again. I guess I owe her BIG time!
Thanks girls for always encouraging me!


beckyjomama said...

I'm impressed - I was too wimpy to try those things ... of course the lack of traction has caused a near fall a few times too!!

Jenn said...

I didn't have a choice. I am borrowing a friends bike and that is all she has available. I am glad that I have to ride with clips though because otherwise, I am not sure I would take the plunge and do it!