Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saving babies

So today as I am sitting inside my white trash ghetto home, I hear this random honking. I assume it's the neighborhood kids and I think to myself... show respect and walk to the door! The honking continues and I look out my window. I see a Cox Communications truck and the worker standing in the middle of the street talking to a guy in a minivan. In the middle of the street is a little girl, probably about 18 months old, in a diaper and shirt, wondering around. WHAT THE FREAK!!!

I go outside and they ask if she is my daughter. I tell them no and go over to the little girl, put my arms out and she comes running up to me. Ok, so what am I suppose to do? There is no other adult outside, why is she roaming the streets? And thank goodness these 2 people are not psycho's who could have picked her up and took her! Imagine the thoughts that could be going through your head! I am so thankful for the annoying honking that made me look outside. NOTE TO SELF: Never assume anything!

Luckily, a woman comes down the street (2 houses down), in a robe, wet hair. The little girl was her daughter. Somehow, the little girl got out of the house while the mom was in the shower. I think that could be one of the worst thoughts. NOTE TO SELF: Always have childproof doors so your child cannot get out of the house while you are home alone (because we ALL need to shower at some point, right?). {and no, I am not having a kid... that was more for you mom's out there, not that I think you are irresponsible, you just seriously never know}. I could tell the mom was about to have a heart attack, I know I was and she wasn't even mine... and I know the thoughts going through my head so I can only imagine hers!

I am just glad everything worked out well. Well, I am done saving babies today....



beckyjomama said...

And just when I thought my girls were getting to the ages where I could sneak away for a two minute shower ... ARGH!!! That won't be happening anytime soon! For which Steve thanks you :-P

angieinpink said...

way to go baby saver!

dude: that's scary. i feel for that momma 'cause i have a little escapee too. she can disappear in seconds, dude!

i bet neighbor lady is thankful for you...