Sunday, February 15, 2009

Drugs, fake boobs, death, and good hygiene

The girls came to spend the night this weekend {sorry, I didn't take pictures}. We had a really good time. Faith made me the cutest valentine's and it was the best gift I've ever gotten! I LOVE IT!!! So we got to talking this weekend, I honestly don't remember how the subject came up, but I asked if they had talked about drugs at school. They said yes and Morgan told me all about the officer who came out for the DARE program. Now, this is not the first time we have had this discussion but I pretty much think it is important to continue discussing!
So next, Faith and I were playing skipo, listening to music. When I Grow Up by The Pussycat dolls came on. Well, Faith asked "did they say boobies?". I said yes. She got embarrassed and I told her that sometimes people got fake boobs. She asked if they felt like metal. I laughed! {Morgan was watching some horse racing show about jockeys}.
Finally at bedtime, Faith and I talked about her mom. We cried. I told her about the last time she saw her mom. What she said, what she did. I really believe she struggles with things and I think we had a really good talk. I told her my regret and cried. She's 9 and hopefully she understands that it is ok to miss her mom and to cry about it. I love that kid!
We spent Sunday discussing good hygiene. Faith learned to wash her face and put on deodorant. I harped on Morgan for washing her hair, face, body and I sounded like my mother. I hate that but I just want her to take better care of herself. She got mad at me. Then she forgave me. I decided when they get mad at you, you must be doing something right.
Oh- and finally I took them to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. Too cute and we discussed debt and credit cards! Life is good and we had a great weekend!

Happy belated statehood day (Feb. 14)


becky said...

sounds like you guys had a great night together! i bet they feel so blessed to have you in their life & remind them about their mom. i love hearing about the special relationship that you guys have with each other!

beckyjomama said...

And while you were playing Skipbo, did you tell them what a lazy player Paula was? I love that memory!

I still find it amazing how even though you miss someone every single day, some days it is almost overwhelming!

Love you!

Jenn said...

Thanks Beck- we had a great weekend!

And Becky.... yes! I told her about skipo but I also told her YOU said really bad words... geez! (just joking!) It was a really good convo and I think Faith needs to hear stuff like that but I'm always afraid maybe someone will get mad at me... oh well.

I am still laughing at the "do they feel like metal" comment in regard to fake boobs- too funny!