Thursday, January 08, 2009

Italian Alphabet

So.... not only do I want to complete this degree but I want to be able to have some sort of a conversation when I go back to Italy after I finish my MBA. The only way this will happen is to self teach myself Italian because seriously, when would I have time to take Italian??? On my little drive home I turned on my IPOD to the Italian alphabet. Deciding that it is probably best to learn the alphabet first before I tackle the language. I actually think I got it! As long as I keep repeating the letters, I will remember it. Not saying I completely understand every letter (h = acca, z = zeta, seriously???). I'm working on it!

a a
b bi
c ci
d di
e e
f effe
g gi
h acca
i i
l elle
m emme
n enne
o o
p pi
q cu
r erre
s esse
t ti
u u
v vu
z zeta

To leave you with a photo from Rome of Villa Medici

Happy Thursday!!!


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