Saturday, January 17, 2009

Funny Faith moment...

This morning I got the windows tinted in the 4runner and we all know you cannot roll down the windows for a few days.... well, I picked up Morgan and Faith and they saw the 4runner for the first time. They approved. {I am still thinking of a name for it}
Anyways... I explained {very well I might add} they were not allowed to breath or touch anything! Also, under no circumstance what so ever... were they allowed to roll down the window {basically told them I'd dump them off on a corner if they did! HA-}. So... about an hour later Faith asks me "uhmmm... Jenn, what do we do if we fart in your truck?".
My first thought is why the heck is she asking me this... but then I realize... most people roll down the window when they fart! This must have been something on her mind for a bit because they'd been with me for at least an hour at this point. This will definitely be one of those blackmail stories for down the road! I need to add... a bit later we are eating and the girl lets out the hugest burp! Was she suppose to be a boy?

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