Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So yesterday I got a phone call from Michael's telling me that my frames were ready for my paintings I purchased in Italy. Last night, I seriously forgot to take them down there and get them framed! {What was I thinking???} So, tonight, I head down totally excited to bring them home, hang them on my newly painted wall, and admire them for the night.

I show up at Michael's, the nice boy looks for the frames, looks a second time, and comes back to tell me he cannot find them! Seriously... it is NOT that big in the framing room!!! GRRRR...

So I sadly take my unframed paintings back home with me and wait to call tomorrow to find out WHERE the frames are so I can bring my drawings back in tomorrow night.

That my friends... makes me sad!

Here is what the paintings are of: Roman Forum & Colosseo (the drawing is the outside, I put a photo up of the inside), the Santa Maria Maggiore, Trevi Fountain

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