Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas.... Tree

Yesterday morning I set out to find the "perfect" tree. I had to get my mom's truck so the tree didn't have to go on top of my jeep. Then stopping at lots to find the tree {I'm a bit picky!}. I finally made it to A&P nursery, around the corner from my house and spotted the tree. I asked the guy if he would put it in the stand for me and pretty much make it so all I had to do was bring it in the house and decorate it. No problem he said... so I get my tree home and... it is crooked! Like I know how to get a saw out and straighten it up. So... My tree is a bit crooked. I suppose it adds character though. Actually the way it is facing, it is not that bad. Anyways...
Next onto lights. Now, I love a lot of lights and I have never had problems with stringing them. Everyone tells me they are getting artificial trees because the lights are already done and they hate putting lights on the trees... Oh whatever! Well let me tell you.... this year.. I HATED putting lights on! What the heck!!! I think everyone cursed me. For some reason, I started at the top. I usually start at the bottom. The last row of lights... did not work. Now, my lights are old so ok, I'll go get new ones. Which I did. Then, those were not enough. CRAP... I do not want to go back to the store! So I decided to space the lights out a bit... so unwrap the lights and place them farther apart. YAY... it works. I plug them in. The top strand of lights {which remember are probably 12+ years old} well, half the friggin strand works and half does not. Now let me ask you this.... HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Plus... I plugged them in 30 minutes ago before I put them up there. Now, I am frustrated. So back to Target I go... but when I get there, I decide I don't want to fight the crowd so I turn around and go to Walgreens... who cares if I spend more money. It's the convenience, right? Well... Walgreens has a "buy 1 get 1 free" deal. SCORE!!! I come back home, finishing putting the lights up... and waited for the girls to show up.
I let them help decorate the tree this year. It was fun! {The angel ornament is what I picked up in Venice made of Murano glass... it is one of my favorite ornaments}

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