Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgan

Morgan turned 11 today!

I remember the first time Paula and I scrapbooked together at a late nighter. Morgan was probably about 2 years old. Every single picture Paula picked up was of Morgan. She was crazy insane over Morgan {what mother isn't crazy about her adorable blonde haired, blue eyed daughter?}. Seriously though.... I was going to have to listen to this all night???

What a long way I have come since that night though. Now I am the one showing pictures of Morgan, telling stories about her and totally crazy about that blonde haired, blue eyed kid! How I wish Paula was the one doing it though... she would be so much better than me! And... I might add, so proud of her loving, caring, beautiful daughter.

Happy Birthday Morgan!

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beckyjomama said...

Happy Birthday Morgan - I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Your mom would be so very proud of you.


PS - totally crying now!