Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Faith!

Faith turns 9 on the 15th.

I love this kid. I remember when she didn't like me {she was 1}. She clung to Paula and wouldn't go to anyone else. The more I was around though... the more she warmed up to me. To the point when I volunteered in her class at church {with Paula} and then Paula bailed on being with the kiddos and I was still there... Faith would sit on my lap the ENTIRE time. She wouldn't go to anyone else. Since then... we bonded. So many stories of this child who is growing up!

Once again, I wish that Paula was here to enjoy these moments with her girls. She would be so proud of Faith. She is a sweet, caring, and loving girl and I am so proud to be a part of her life!



sandalloons44 said...

happy birthday to FAith,

how are you doing Jenn?
I just came back from Creative Escape and now today I help with the CK convention crop.
please change my blog name to
having a free blog doesnt' work anymore, so now I have to pay. ha
I knew I had a hard time taking things for free. lol
take care

beckyjomama said...

Happy Birthday Faith! I love you so much! I cannot believe that you are 9! I remember holding a tiny brand new you and thinking that you were so stinkin beautiful ... and now look at you! More beautiful every day!