Friday, June 27, 2008

White Water Rafting

We went white water rafting in Denali park. I have always wanted to go and even my mom has always wanted to go. We were only on a class 2 & 3 trip and we did not paddle. These photos are from class 3 rapids. Definitely a great first time trip but I would love to try the class 3 & 4 levels next. They had a photographer there to take photos and these are just a few. We had a blast! Amber, me, my mom, Gina are up front.


Laura Blue said...

white water rafting is the best! looks like you guys had fun. you should try the harder one for sure!

Amy said...

So much fun! I want to go sometime!!! Hey I got your message on facebook and yes I think the 11th would lets get that going!

chris & amber said...

Oh wow!! Alaska looks so beautiful. What a fun adventure! I know...I can't believe it's been 6 years since I worked at SBE. Good ol' days. I miss 'em!

Joey said...

Looks like you had a blast. Alaska is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I'm jealous!!

angieinpink said...

oh my brave.

i seriously just had an anxiety attack just looking at this.

but alaska looks heavenly. so fun.

i'll email you soon...need to make sure i have a sitter.

cool? cool dawg.

have a happy independence day, my patriotic friend.

Rachel said...

You guys are brave! We did a little rafting a few years ago in Utah but it was a small mellow river and I was paranoid about that! I don't think I could ever do a raging river!

shabbyscrapper said...

holy cow! i'm not sure i could ever do that! i am somewhat paranoid of the water! but your last few posts have taken me on a trip down memory lane. i lived in anchorage for four years when i was little. i remember going to glaciers and rivers and such. as a kid, i loved it...great times! i drove my first snowmobile when i was about 6! my mom loved the people, but hated the weather. LOL

hope you have a terrific time! you can tell me all about it on the 18th. and then we can all hold our breath until you leave for italy!!!!

check out my blog...i put pics of my july shabby project. a travel book with some of my italy pics! you should come. oh, and sarah and i will be at altered connections on the 24th!!

take care of ya!

ForeverSarahLee said...

So I'm wondering if you would come to one of my dinner parties. Good food, free food & ME! :0) Next Thur @630 or Sat the 26th @5pm. Let me know hun!